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CEO Message


Showing our community support

As Esperion grows, so does our chance to contribute to meaningful change

On this day, Juneteenth and during the month of Pride, we can all agree that social injustices have no place in any company or our country. I’ve received numerous messages inquiring about how Esperion is contributing as an organization to address the need for social and racial equality from both internal and external stakeholders.

Even as we are diligently launching our first two new medicines during a pandemic, we are prioritizing community involvement. We are expanding with people that embrace and value diversity in every sense. This is a substantial way we can influence change, be authentic in our efforts and true to our core values. Most importantly, I believe the largest influence comes from supporting our team. It is not companies that bring meaningful progress, but the people within it.

We are an American company and one of the only, if not the only, "virtual" pharmaceutical organization. We have not relocated a single colleague in many years and this is incredibly relevant to community building. Additionally, the number of colleagues as part of our Esperion community has climbed over 300% over the past year, dramatically increasing our presence around the country. One of Esperion’s greatest strengths is the way we do business and how that allows our colleagues to be a part of whichever community they choose. This is a tremendous benefit most professionals do not enjoy as they must make incredible personal choices to relocate their lives to unknown locations or spend precious time commuting. While some may find this invigorating, this almost certainly takes people away from their true "homes," the people closest to them, and the communities in which they thrive. If home is where the heart is, then Esperion colleagues have a perfect opportunity to impact those around us.

To that end, today I shared a new policy that helps each team member become even more involved in their hometown. Every employee can now take two paid days per calendar year to support local efforts by volunteering in their areas of passion. Our already flexible policies permit colleagues to shape work around when we are the most productive, have the highest energy, and from whichever location we chose. Now, we can also devote that same principle to participating in local change initiatives.

Esperion must do its part and commit to a better, more inclusive country. I also encourage you to stand up for what you believe in and get involved with something close to you that can make a real difference. If we all contribute, we will create momentum in a way we can see progress around us.